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hire 5 star reviews amazon

If you're only going to buy one Chanel Classic Flap Bag, a vintage double flap in black lambskin with gold hardware would be our recommendation. Sotheby's lists new Chanel Classic Flap Bags weekly, so make sure to check regularly if you can't find your timeless Chanel Classic Flap Bag.

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hire 5 star reviews amazon

I have a "profitable" engine up using a basic card counting method for betting (that just plays basic strategy), but I know with the ability to exactly track cards (short of the hole cards when I don't see them) I should be able to do all sorts of fun tricks. I know it's kind of a silly project, since you can't go full rainman at any real table, but for me it's a fun exercise and I'm hoping maybe I'll learn something interesting about 'truly optimal' play that isn't obvious from practical play while I'm at it.

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